DORST Pressure Casting Plant DGM120 – A Flexible System Captures the Market

Being a pioneer in forming by pressure casting, DORST Technologies has developed this technology over decades and adapted it to current market requirements. The development has been urged by the ever-increasing requirements for flexibility in production, time to market, automation, and energy consumption. Against this background, the DORST pressure casting plant DGM120 with pressure casting moulds and removal systems made by DORST Technologies has truly proven on the market as solution in the form of a complete system.

With a mould clamping surface of 1.000 x 1.000 mm and a closing force of 120 t, moulds with up to 8 tool cavities can be applied at a casting pressure of 40 bar maximum. The constant opening stroke of the plant is 650 mm, regardless of the mould set thickness of 200 – 450 mm. The plant is thus capable of producing tableware and smaller sanitary ware articles by the solid casting and hollow casting process.


The DGM120 can be integrated most flexibly into the production environment on-site. In the basic version, the molded articles will be removed by hand using a suction cup and then handed over for further processing. In various configuration levels, robots for the removal of articles and a fettling station can be added. One robot is capable of operating a maximum of 4 pressure casting plants with different moulds and articles. To this end, the article-specific vacuum support frames for the removal of the articles will be exchanged with utmost positioning accuracy on the fettling station. A cutting device on the fettling station will precisely remove the article sprue. The article body in this area will be closed by means of an innovative cutting mechanism. Moreover, the fettling station can be equipped with sponge rolls for initial fettling of the sprue area, and with a fan for blowing off remnant water drops. The deposit of the articles by the robot is flexible, e.g. onto a conveyor belt or directly onto drying swings.

In addition, the DORST pressure casting plant DGM120 is provided with a hydraulic quick-action mould clamping system that ensures a mould change within shortest time. The moulds will be prepared and centered for the exchange outside of the machine. Then a mould changing trolley will lift the moulds into the machine where they will be fastened with maximum positioning accuracy and within minutes. When use is made of production units consisting of several pressure casting plants and a removal robot, only one machine will be withdrawn from the production unit for the mould change. The safety device of the machine and the safe function of the removal robot ensure the fail-safe mould change while the remaining machines will keep on producing. It is thus possible adapting the article production portfolio quickly and in the most flexible manner.

The movement of the clamping platen for opening and closing the DGM120 is purely electromechanically, operated by a knuckle joint system. The closing pressure for the casting process will be built up by a short-stroke cylinder with minimum oil volume. The closing pressure will be generated pneumatically by a pressure intensifier so that the plant does not need a hydraulic unit. Casting pressure and closing pressure will be systematically locked during the casting time. Aside from the control system of the plant, no other components will be active. The effect will be minimum consumption of electric energy. In addition, an advantage will accrue relating to the operating costs of the plant, because there is no need for maintaining an extensive hydraulic system.

The flexibility and production capability of the pressure casting plant DGM120 and the optimum interaction with pressure casting moulds, removal robot and fettling station from DORST Technologies have convinced customers around the world. At present, latest production lines with Dorst DGM120 pressure casting plants are being put into operation in Europe and Asia. These machines have been perfectly adapted to the individual requirements of our customers. It goes without saying that we shall also find a tailor-made solution for your production purposes. Your contacts in our Sales Division of Ceramic Machinery will always be pleased to assist you in the realization of your ideas.