Servo-electric powder presses from DORST Technologies are are opening a new chapter in the compaction of podwer materials. With stroke rates approaching that of mechanical presses and as precise as a hydraulic press, the EP press series also produces components with unrivaled low energy consumption. Technologies such as the Intelligent Program Generator IPG® and VirtualStroke have already resulted in presses from DORST Technologies becoming the industry standard for energy conservation over the past few years. The EP press series also comprises control centres with Energy Buffers (capacitors) which store kinetic energy, eliminate electrical peaks and accelerate production efficiency.

In summary: Efficiency3 - fast x precise x lowenergy

Low maintenance and precise; EP series presses are available for parts with pressing forces ranging from 150 to 1600 kN and the EP-M series presses are available for multi level parts. The series EP15 X and EP30 X are specifically designed for the use of cross-hole compression modules and divided dies.