Dorst Technologies

Electrohydraulics basic course

Necessary qualification:

Basic course Hydraulic systems and basic course Electrical engineering

Learning objective:

The participants should learn about the structure and functioning of the hydraulic power part and the electric control unit. They should be able to design, put into practice and put into service electrohydraulic control systems.

Target group:

Responsible technical employees of the manufacturing and maintenance department who care for the machines with regard to mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components.

Seminar duration:

4 days


  • Control technology
  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering
  • Safety regulations in electrical engineering
  • Measuring methods
  • Symbols for contact units and switching devices according to DIN 40713
  • Types of wiring diagrams
  • Hydraulic and electric equipment technology
  • Basic electrohydraulic control systems
  • Representation of sequences
  • Practical exercises