Necessary qualification:

Basic course and advanced course Hydraulic systems, basic course Electrohydraulics, basic course Electrical engineering, basic knowledge in electrics.

Learning objective:

The participants learn about and get to understand the function of the components of hydraulic systems with proportional valves and electronic actuation systems. They learn about and interpret basic circuits guided by circuit diagrams. By practicing and in-depth practical training, the participants learn about the structure according to wiring diagram and setting of all parameters for optimum start-up of hydraulic control systems with proportional valves.

Target group:

Skilled workers, foremen, expert fitters and maintenance staff having to deal with hydraulic systems with proportional valves.

Seminar duration:

4 days


  • Safety instructions
  • Fundamentals of hydraulic systems with proportional valves
  • Force-controlled or lift-controlled solenoid
  • Directly actuated proportional directional control valve
  • Directly operated proportional pressure control valve
  • Pilot-operated proportional pressure control valve
  • Three-way flow control valve
  • Fundamentals of electronic actuation systems
  • Proportional amplifier
  • Setpoint value specification
  • Ramp generator
  • Setting the ramp time
  • Actual value recording
  • Junp function generator
  • PID controller
  • Practical exercises