Isostatic Press IPM 50


  • Modular design as production cell
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Automatic powder filling
  • Automatic compact removal
  • PLC controls and visualization
  • Pressing close to final contour
  • Individual pressure increase and pressure decrease


  • CIP method
  • Drybag tool
  • Pressing method: Lifting
  • Pressing method: Ejection
  • Rods, tubes
  • Single-purpose machine

Positioning accuracy

Max. length of compact: up to 450 mm

Type of press IPM 50

Pressing force: 500 KN
Max. isostatic pressure: 2.000 bar
Cavities pressure vessel/die set: 1
Pressing medium: Water
Open-loop controlled pressure increase and pressure decrease


  • Volumetric powder filling
  • Gravimetric powder filling
  • Tool cleaning devices