Modern manufacturing of ceramic tableware has very little in common with the traditional processes of past decades. A broad range of products found in most households - fired, glazed and decorated - are made from ceramic powders called pressing granulate. DORST Technologies has developed the entire manufacturing process from granulate production to ISO pressing technology and continues to optimize it.

The PH and GFZ series horizontal and vertical tableware production systems equipped with single or multiple tools are capable of simultaneously producing different articles from a variety of raw materials.

The fully-automatic PMR and RUP fettling systems have made DORST Technologies ISO pressing technology the standard for top quality and economical tableware manufacturing.

High quality tableware is distinguished by its beauty and functionality. DORST Technologies tool manufacturing allows for fine details and high quality surfaces by using highly polished steel dies and specially developed synthetic diaphragms and coatings.

DORST Technologies ISO presses are also unlocking ever broader applications in the high-tech ceramics field as well, and hold a key position in the manufacturing of balls, tubes, rods, filter elements and battery separators. The modular design of the IPM and PI presses and the comprehensive range of accessories allow for optimal adaptation to the specific customer's product range.