The quality of material preparation is the key to all subsequent forming processes, and therefore becomes the determining factor for the success of the operation. Many varied requirements are imposed on material processing, depending on the final product characteristics.
The understanding of the interdependencies between material preparation and material forming, combined with a unique know-how, is the DORST Technologies expertise for the production of high quality final pressed products. DORST Technologies specializes in spray drying plants for the preparation of high quality compacting powders.

Application field

  • Silicon carbide for ceramic structural and high
    temperature components
  • Aluminum oxide powder for wear-resistant
    ceramics and engineered ceramic components
  • Pressing powders for piezoceramic sensors and actuators
  • Powders from aluminum and zirconium oxide for medical engineering
  • Hard metal powders for semi-finished products, structural components and cutting inserts
  • Ferrite powder for soft magnets and electronic
    engineering applications
  • Granulates for the construction material
  • Materials based on titanium oxide used in
    coating technology
  • Special powders for the semiconductor and the solar industry
  • Bone china pressing powder for the porcelain
  • Powder preparation for sanitary casting bodies
  • Pressing powders for the hard porcelain industry
  • Pressing granulates for the tile industry and
    for refractories
  • Special granulates for the chemical industry
  • Special bodies for the steel industry