Applications for products compacted from metal powders are ever increasing and have become essential for many industries. In the automotive industry, they play a significant role by now. DORST Technologies is the leading expert in PM compaction technology. DORST Technologies mechanical, hydraulic and electric high-efficiency automatic compacting and sizing presses in the range of 30 to 20.000 kN, as well as sophisticated tooling and high-precision multiple axis systems ensure the continuous production of complex products with maximum precision and ultimate quality. Monitoring of the production processes and statistical process control, as well as the entire product handling are integrated into our portfolio.

Application field

  • Synchronizer hubs for manual or double-clutch transmissions
  • Valve guides
  • Synchronous belts
  • Valve seat rings
  • Transmission Carriers

  • Porous bearings
  • Shock absorber components
  • Variable Valve Timing components