DORST TECHNOLOGIES manufactures machinery and complete production systems. It is a successful combination of engineering and technological know-how. The name stands for expert competence, high quality, innovation and technology leadership, a strong focus on the customer, synergistic effects and worldwide activities. DORST Technologies places great value on training and continuing education. DORST Technologies stands for active compliance and a high level of transparency.




DORST Technologies is a leading international supplier of machinery and complete production systems for ceramic and powder metallurgy components. The company specializes in raw material processing, forming and automation. DORST Technologies has in-depth knowledge of the individual process steps and interactions involved in the manufacturing of various end products. Intelligent system solutions from DORST Technologies are the result of decades of research and development and of intensive cooperation with customers and partners all over the world.



Quality is part of an integrated approach at DORST Technologies. Customer satisfaction is paramount, but great importance is also placed on employees and suppliers. DORST Technologies continually strives to optimize the interaction of all involved parties within the framework of a quality management system meeting ISO 9001 requirements. Quality made by DORST Technologies means far more than good product quality. Initial consultation, order processing and excellent service are all part of a concept aimed at satisfying the high demands of customers.



Being a leader means being innovative. Being innovative means having high internal standards for research and development. DORST Technologies has always been at the heart of the industrial development and application of many production processes in the ceramic and PM industries. At the DORST Technology Center with integrated tool and mould manufacturing, process technological know-how is continuously being advanced. Customers from a variety of industries are frequent visitors, as are competent partners who provide assistance for specialized topics.

Customer orientation  

The close partnership between marketing and engineering within the company ensures that customer requirements are met, while independent competence teams are available to meet the needs of individual market segments. These teams are distinguished by a high level of professional competence as well as flexible and dynamic contact partners. Customer orientation is the focus of all business decisions.



In over 150 years, DORST has acquired an unparalleled level of production and application know-how. The mutual exchange of ideas between the many different manufacturing processes is valuable capital which is unique in this form. It is pure synergy which comes into effect here - always to the benefit of the customer and always with the goal of maintaining a technology leadership position.



DORST Technologies is a medium-sized company with around 400 employees at various locations in Germany and abroad. The company head office and technology center are located in Kochel am See, 70 km south of Munich. Another branch facility is operated in Bad Kötzting - 190 km North-East of Munich. The most important location outside of Europe is DORST America Inc., in Bethlehem-Allentown / Pennsylvania and DORST Technologies Shanghai Co., Ltd. In addition, DORST Technologies is supported by its own branch offices and representatives in England, France and Russia, as well as numerous agencies around the world. 2000 customers in over 70 countries make up an export rate of around 80 %.

Training and continuing education


Training and continuing education within the company forms the foundation for the specialists DORST Technologies needs today and in the future. DORST Technologies is the country-wide leader with an apprenticeship rate of up to 15 %. Targeted knowledge for various careers is passed on at an in-house training center. Dual training courses, internships and support for theses and dissertations are part of an integrated training and human resources concept.



Adherence to compliance regulations is of utmost importance at DORST Technologies. Business and commercial values define the fundamental ideas and code of conduct specified by management. This includes open communication across all levels of the company and a comprehensive preventative risk management strategy.