Isostatic press PHT200 with fettling robot RPT


  • Isostatic manufacturing of cups with handle in a single piece – without sticking operation
  • The ISO process ensures utmost article quality coupled maximum production output
  • Low space requirement as compared with traditional production
  • Use of pressing granule (analog to plate presses)
  • Low energy consumption (econ-engineered)


  • Short set-up times
  • Minimized flash and seams, simple fettling process
  • Convex and concave geometries possible, thinner wall thicknesses possible
  • Modification of cup geometry by adjustable filling space adaption

Type of press PHT200 with fettling robot RPT

Number of tools: 2
Closing force: 2000 kN
Isostatic pressure: 300 bar
Diameter green max. 140 mm
* square Mug diameter max. 175 mm
Green height: max. 120
Output: max. 360 pcs/h


  • Cup with handle, isostatically pressed