• Grinding, sponging and polishing 100% exactly to contour of round arcticles.
  • High-quality fettling for a wide variety of articles.
  • Prolongation of the service life of the fettling tools.
  • Very high output of round articles, up to 500 pieces/hour.
  • Convenient integration into existing fabrication lines.
  • Fail-safe centering of the articles.
  • Expensive use of robot not necessary.
  • Low space requirement of the whole system along with press type PH450.


  • Precise positioning and centering of the article on the rotary table.
  • Step-by-step advance of the rotary table precisely in the proper position, synchronized with the pressing cycles.
  • Modular concept for integration of a foot fettling unit.
  • Linear transfer device with vacuum suction unit for deposit either on a discharge belt or for stacking in oriented and determined position.
  • Short change-over times thanks to self-adjusting suction cups and hold-down devices.

Rotary table fettling machine PMR2R

Output:                                                 500 pieces/hour