Press-specific basic course

Learning objective:

Operating of the PQC (press and quality controller) for monitoring and control of the press as well as for
the documentation of quality assurance.

Target group:

Operators, set-up men and maintenance staff.

Seminar duration:

1-2 days


  • Today's tasks of a press controller
  • Measuring systems and operating elements
  • PQC functional modules: Systematic mask structure, basic screen
  • Menu general: Machine data of customer, user comment, alarm log, printer settings
  • Menu Monitoring: Digital inputs, load cell, calibration, calibration curves
  • Menu Control: Digital outputs, weight measurement, pressing travel adjustment, auxiliary functions, filler
  • Menu Documentation: Statistical settings, diagrams
  • Menu Program operation: File editing, password, ASCII printouts
  • Menu Communication: disk handling, network (option)
  • Practical training at a press