• Robot technology to ensure precise fettling, even of intricate articles.
  • Simple and safe handling of robots due to programming for the specific application.
  • Flexible use of manifold fettling tools for extensive fettling options.
  • Precise reproducibility of the fettling results and time-saving article change thanks to storable fettling programs.
  • Individual upgrades of auxiliary functions such as foot sponging, cleaning by air jet, cleaning of the lower surface and feeding of stacker trays possible.


  • Fettling line consisting of a 6-axis industrial robot with one fettling station and a double-sponging station (option).
  • Robot programming by means of operator interface for the specific application.
  • Precise positioning of the articles by centering unit.
  • Quickly changeable fettling tools in determined position.
  • Possible retrofit on existing isostatic presses and pressure casting plants.

Fettling of irregular shaped articles by robot  RUP

Output:                                 50-400 pieces/hour

Number of robots                        1-4