DORST Technologies spray drying plants are indispensable wherever liquid suspensions have to be converted into dry powders or dry granulates with very specific properties. Today's compaction processes using high speed presses create high demands for the upstream granulation process. The spray drying plants developed by DORST Technologies meet the customer-specific requirements for high filling speeds, uniform compaction and perfect surfaces. It is always ingenious technical solutions which contribute to manufacturing of a high quality end product, which is notoriously hard to handle especially in its unprocessed state.

Through decades of experience with "tailor-made" spray drying plants, DORST Technologies has developed a unique wealth of knowledge about many different substances, materials and additives. DORST Technologies has references around the world in the fields of ceramic tableware, advanced ceramics and FDA-approved medical technology. In the field of iron powder and hard metals, DORST Technologies offers a special water-based process using specially developed additives. This process is an alternative from both an economic and ecological perspective to conventional processing, which uses complex and expensive processes involving explosive solvents.

DORST Technologies makes top quality equipment with spray drying plants and high performance presses available to its customers for process optimization at the in-house Technology Center.

Granulation and compaction - a technology package available only from DORST Technologies as an expert and technology leader for both spray drying plants and high performance pressing systems.