Pressure Casting System SWS easyshell


  • Very short mould changing times
  • Without compression load on the moulds
  • Steep-walled articles can be produced with process reliability
  • Without hydraulic system
  • Low energy consumption (eco-engineered)
  • High productivity thanks to simultaneous removal of the cast articles


  • Use of completely new materials (stable + resistant) for the moulds
  • Overall, far fewer materials than in the past, share of pure mould material
  • No shrinkage
  • No closeness problems between upper and lower part (absolute closeness)

Type of press SWS easyshell

Mould changing time 5 min
Output: max. 6 cycles/h
Installed power: 5,6KW
Number of moulds: max. 5
Articles: countertop washstand, wash basin, water tanks
Casting method: solid casting, hollow casting
Casting pressure: up to 18 bar
Control system: Siemens Simatic S7
Article size, green: 1.400x750x300 mm
User-programmable plant rotation up to 95°
User-programmable plant inclination up to 10°


  • WizzHeart Technology