Dr. Roland Menzel
Phone: +49 8851 188-246

The Technology Center in Kochel am See is one of the special facilities proving on a daily basis that DORST Technologies is a technology leader.

It is a combination of communication, training, and innovation center and testing laboratory. Training and education for customers and DORST Technologies employees takes place here and state-of-the-art powder metallurgy and ceramics systems are installed here and used to continually advance the process technology know-how. This is where DORST Technologies employees, customers and business partners meet for an intensive exchange of ideas.

Numerous production systems are available for comprehensive testing of different ceramics and powder metallurgy manufacturing processes, so that development and production risks can be avoided. Customers from many industries also take advantage of the ability to have suitability testing performed on their own raw materials or to prepare employees for the deployment of DORST Technologies systems.

The associated tooling center for isostatic press tooling and mould manufacture for pressure casting moulds creates a unique knowledge and production group which distinguishes DORST Technologies as an ideal development partner for industry.