The DORST Technologies tool center is an independent production and organizational unit within the company. Streamlined management, supported by the new customer-focused SAP®Business software solution, guarantee short routes for the flow of material and information leading to just-in-time delivery.

Universal methods for supplying the required information are available so that we can implement our customer's ideas. We follow your design requirements - whether in the form of an idea, 2D drawings, sketches and cross-sections, 3D data records, scatter plots, sample parts, design studies and models. The data is processed in powerful 2D and 3D CAD systems using a broad range of standard interfaces. We use digitization and specific data processing to perform reverse engineering of models and sample parts.

Closed 3D CAD/CAM process chain is used throughout design and production. Short production cycle times are ensured by simulating the processing cycles. The dies are produced on powerful CNC controlled drilling, turning and milling machines (high speed cutting technology). Intelligent tool part finishing processes and top quality PU parts, outstanding surface quality and a long tool service life are the benchmarks for high quality tool components.

The in-house Technology Center provides the ability to perform testing on many different press systems. The performance data are determined under near-production conditions and by looking at the complete system made up of the individual technology steps. Granulate optimization results in a stable production process for our customers. Having the tooling tested and samples made externally at DORST Technologies allows you as the manufacturer to avoid interruptions in production.

In addition to delivering ready-to-production tools, the DORST Technologies tool department also completes design contracts, provides design documentation or only makes specific die components. This allows you as the customer to also manufacture the tooling yourself. We also make tooling for third-party isostatic presses.

The DORST Technologies tool center is a full service isostatic press tooling development provider - from the idea to design, manufacturing, testing and optimization of the tooling. High end tooling solutions "Made by DORST" result from a combination of longstanding experience, state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing processes and comprehensive capabilities such as granulate optimization and pressing tests.