Hydraulic Powder Press TPA 500/4HP


  • High stability and precision
  • Central support for all platens in press position
  • Short set up times, Fully automated die set exchange
  • Programming with IPG
  • Low energy consumption


  • Die plate movable (Withdrawal method)
  • Max. number upper levels: 4
  • Max. number lower levels: 4
  • Self propelled die set Die set exchange to the rear
  • Modular construction, aligned with customer specifications

Positioning accuracy

Upper ram and die: 0,01
Core rod: 0,01
Filler drive: 0,1

Type of press TPA 500/4HP

Pressing force: 5.000 kN
Upper ram travel: 350 mm
Max. Fill height: 250 mm
Core rod travel: 130 mm