Learning objective:

Operation of the press with program generation using the Intelligent Program Generator IPG® made by DORST Technologies, and the DORST Visualization and Control System (DVS/DCS)®. Generation of programs for new components and documentation of quality assurance.

Target group:

Skilled workers, foremen, tool designers and maintenance staff.

Seminar duration:

5 days


  • Structure of the press and the modules
  • Pressing sequence/Step masks
  • Control system with IPG® and DVS/DCS®-menu prompting, structuring of the operator interface, dealing with green values
  • Tool installation/Measures when starting production, measures when terminating production
  • Zero point setting of the machine/platens
  • Part start-up strategies, programming by the participants
  • Pressing and optimzing parts, dealing with envelope curves, balance and failure messages, documentation
  • Operation of the removal device
  • Electrical structure/interfaces/protective devices
  • Maintenance