Vacuum Extrusion Press V 15/2


  • Universal extrusion press for technical ceramics and hard metals
  • High stability and rigidness
  • Continuous operation
  • Heavy-duty frequency-controlled drives
  • Vacuum chamber
  • Temperature regulation for feed augers and compression augers
  • Sectionally temperature regulated wear bushings
  • Control and visualization by industrial PC
  • Ease of operation by means of touch screen
  • Process data recording
  • Network capability


  • Auger extrusion press
  • Rectangular arrangement of feed cylinder to compression cylinder
  • Compression cylinder angle infinitely adjustable between 0° and 90°
  • Corrosion-protected equipment
  • Sectional recording of pressure and temperature
  • Auxiliary devices for body supply

Type of press V 15/2

Auger diameter: 150 mm
Max. pressing pressure in front of extrusion die: 200 bar
Speed range of feed auger: 0,2 - 20 U/min
Speed range of compression auger: 0,2 - 20 U/min
Temperature range: 6 - 85°C


  • Cylindrical version
  • Conical version
  • Short and long versions of compression cylinder available
  • Version with ceramic coating
  • Special auger geometry versions
  • Peripheral equipment solutions for cutting and transport
  • Heatable extrusion die
  • Formula adminstration by Batch Analyzer