DORST Technologies vacuum extrusion presses are the top choice for manufacturing continuous drawn solid and hollow profiles from plasticized materials. The series is a universal basis for application-specific solutions and can be operated vertically or horizontally. Key features include a central vacuum chamber for high material density and modern, frequency-controlled electric drives.

The high degree of flexibility and adaptation to the respective requirements is achieved by modular extrusion worms with various geometric shapes such as the depth of helix, cylindrical or conical designs and a whole range of useful additional equipment.

This includes the option of controlling the material temperature in different sections of the entire process and recording key process values with sensors. The sensor data are visualized and evaluated by a modern, network-capable process control system.

For special applications such as manufacturing honeycomb components for catalytic converters, DORST Technologies also offers a powerful special extruder with a worm diameter of up to 500 mm.