DORST TECHNOLOGIES  -  установки и целые производственные системы для выпуска керамической и металлокерамической продукции. Специализируется на первичной обработке материала, формовании и автоматизации.


Ceramitec 2018

With the world premier introduction of the sws easyshell®  process, Dorst Technologies turned the pressure casting world upside-down. In addition to huge pocess advantages, this new technology connects the point of sale of sanitary ware with the fully automatic production cell, enabeling a truly digital manufacturing process in pressure casting.



The Highlight at Powtech 2019: The New SMART Lab Atomizer Received Excellent Responses.


DORST TECHNOLOGIES and 3D CERAM-SINTO establish a sales and development partnership for additive manufacturing of technical ceramics